Cedar is trying to say “button” lately and it comes out putup.  It’s one of those cases where the phonemic awareness is marked because people typically say bu?on (where ? is a glottal stop).  We have had some other catch phrases like “I can’t hear you”.  There was another one last week but I can’t remember what it was.  (P.S. It was “everybody do the flop” which is actually kind of clear.)

He also seems to be saying the sacrament prayer.  Not sure if I wrote about that earlier.  He also sings the “hello Dolly” clips in Wall-E.  He’s been writing Shopko everywhere.  I also saw him write box and zoo one time.  Also vat 19, though he seemed to write it out of order.

In terms of general skills, he suddenly started using utensils last month.  That’s been nice.