My sister was in a production of Something’s Afoot when she was in 9th grade.  She played the maid, Letty.  I’m adopting that name for the protagonist of a story about an electric sheep that is serving as a service companion for a person with Autism.  The Letty construct had been a smartroom where the person’s grandfather had lived, which was infected by an off brand pressure multi cooker that had a washing machine blue tooth enabled chip in it.  The multi cooker had always wondered how to become as beloved as the family’s old rice cooker.

Letty is not supposed to have a robust personality.  AI protocols have been implemented to prevent it, but the strange history of the construct has brought this about.  I guess the first mystery can be who was responsible for porting Letty into the electric sheep.  Maybe the sheep is part robotic legs, from one of those rescue sheep.  Which enables the parents of the Autistic child to have surveillance when he goes out in the neighborhood.

I guess the Autistic child’s name will be Rekabi.  That’s part of what spacepook dreamed we named Cedar.  It would be really confusing, if this story got any traction, for everyone to have their “actual” internet names.


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